Preferred Service Providers for Therapists

Here is a list of my preferred service providers to help support you in having a thriving practice!

I only recommend people that I personally know and trust. Each person on this list is AMAZING!

Visit their websites, give them a follow, join their groups, access their resources -

there is a wealth of knowledge, experience, generosity and kindness waiting for you.

Anna Walker - Marketing (Especially Websites, SEO and Psych Today)

Jennie Schottmiller - Financial Literacy for Therapists

Kym Tolson - Traveling Therapists, Insurance Billing, Using AI


Audrey Shoen - Balanced Private Practice

Dr. Lisa Lovelace - Building an Online Group Practice

The Mental Health VA - Communication and Social Media Marketing


Danielle Bell - Bookkeeper for Therapists

Frances Harvey - Online Business Management & Coaching

Lauren Corning - Practice Management


Steffeny Feld - Copywriting & Therapy Intensive Design Lab