I’m Vanessa. It’s so nice to meet you!

I am the founder & owner of Vanessa Anne Operations Management. I partner with therapists who own solo and small group private practices so they can manage the day-to-day of their practices with efficiency and ease. Together, I help you curate custom, personalized processes, systems and workflows while remaining aligned to the path and pace that feels good to you.

When I’m not supporting clients, I love being with

Mark, Lyla & JoJo, enjoying time with our extended families, and planning our next adventure.

Are you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by all the dedication, attention and focus required to start and manage your private practice? It doesn’t have to be that way!

It IS possible to manage your private practice with ease and balance in a way that complements your life and goals. All while intentionally and confidently striving toward bringing the life you envision to fruition.

That’s my sweet spot! Creating order out of chaos, To Do lists, and planning #allthethings. When we work together, you can finally let go of your long list of “shoulds”! Instead, you can simply be fully present in this moment and plan for your next best step, knowing that your practice will grow and evolve exactly the right way at exactly the right time.

Vanessa Anne Operations Management was born out of a desire to find balance in my life that included engaging in meaningful work while having time to invest in both myself and my growing family. I wanted my business to support my life, not the other way around. Can you relate?

My goal is to use my strengths to serve the world in a way that doesn’t leave me feeling exhausted at the end of every day and waking up dreading every morning. I want a life that grants me the opportunity to work hard, play hard, and rest hard… with all 3 areas living in a beautiful symbiotic relationship. And I’ve done exactly that! Carving my own path for myself is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I fully believe entrepreneurialism can be a path to lasting creativity, joy and freedom.

And I want that for you too! You don’t have to work 7 days a week and constantly feel like you’re 10 steps behind… there’s a better way. And it all begins with a beautiful partnership where you’re confident that I care about your vision as much as you do.

Vanessa Anne Operations management is my "dream job" and allows me the opportunity to serve other entrepreneurs, like yourself, in seeing their own visions become a reality as I support them in managing the business of their private practce with efficiency and ease (and maybe even a little joy and fun!).

I'm here to help you - the empowered, dedicated practice owner - grow your business through:

• Thoughtful and intentional business planning

• Personal, custom business development

• Strategic practice management

• Customized, people-centric systems, processes and workflows

• Caring and supportive team management

• Encouragement of ongoing self-care

You can think of me as your right hand, your faithful #2, your COO, or your VP. But, most of all, you can think of me as your steady, reliable partner who has your back and believes wholeheartedly in you and the beautiful, unique gift you have to offer to the world.

For those who love assessments (Me!), I am an Enneagram 3, an ENFJ on the Myers-Briggs, and a 6-8-2-3 on the Kolbe, Enablement & Tenacity in Working Genius and Integrator in Rocket Fuel. I think critically, feel deeply and represent the following values:

Reliability - I do what I say I will do, when I say we will do it.

Flexibility - I adhere to deadlines but allow the space in between to be flexible to accommodate for each person’s needs and style.

Balance - We are multifaceted people, we must account for the whole of our lives in all we do. There is a time for work, play and rest.

Listening - All voices will be allowed to be heard. Feedback will be received.

Grace - Grace is sufficient for all things.

Enough - I live and work from a place of being enough, allowing for rest and a cease from the unending quest for more.

Regard - I value people at my core and make all decisions through the lens of humanity.

As a certified DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS, I am here to provide highly-customized operations management solutions to YOU so YOU can have the freedom to dream, grow and confidently move toward YOUR vision for your life and practice. I guarantee to provide a dedicated and reliable strategic partnership that takes into account you, your personality type, and the uniqueness of your practice. When you work with me, you receive support from a fellow entrepreneur that is willing to take the time to listen and partner with you to build a successful business you love that serves you and your people well. If you are ready to streamline the management of your private practice and invest in what matters most to you, I’m here. Let’s do this!

Ready to Partner Up and Experience Ease?

What People Say About Working With Me

Vanessa is hard working and never stops until the job is done. She is highly productive and is able to take any task, accomplish it, and find a way to make it more efficient and sustainable.

Steffeny Feld, LCSW
Kaleidoscope Counseling

I appreciated that Vanessa was organized, prepared and on time for every session we had. I felt that she valued my time and was truly invested in seeing my business flourish. I couldn't have dreamed of a better person to help me succeed!

Naomi Boyer, Naomi Boyer Photography

Working with Vanessa helped me launch my private practice and maintain it with organization and confidence. She always has suggestions and helpful feedback no matter what I'm experiencing.

Emily Lombardo, LCSW
Emily Lombardo Counseling

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